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You are a C-level or managing director and you are facing some of the following issues:

  • Business revenues are levelling out into a plateau,

  • You are facing a year-to-year low growth rate,

  • Your yearly budgets are never or barely reached,

  • Your strategy, as good as it is, does not bring expected results,

  • You witness a misalignment between your company services and even a lack of collaboration,

  • Your customers and/or employees are unhappy.

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Time to have the right metrics

🧰 Canvas to take the right decisions.

Our canvases visualize complex business issues simply and collaboratively.

Love & Profit balance sheet

The way businesses look at their performances is through financial results. Financial results are important, yes, they are, but they are just results, that means they are at best a testimony of the actions taken in the past. They do not help to answer to the following: do we go in the right direction? How well are we preparing a sustainable future? The Love & Profit balance sheet allows businesses to address these questions.

Love Matrix

Love plays a fundamental role in the life of a business; this is the fuel to boost growth. There is a strong link between growing revenues and love from customers.  For some executives, this represents an entirely new mind-set and new behaviors. It is about thinking of customers  as people, not just numbers on a balance sheet.

Our canvases visualize complex business issues simply and collaboratively.


Manage what is essential and not only what is important

📈 There is no growth without love.

At every mature stage, businesses know a plateau effect, we call it the “Love Inflection Point”. The Love Inflection Points are those points in time where a company must make a fundamental shift to get loved again from customers.


The bulletproof plug-and-play system

​​✅ Want to be responsive to change? Let's make it happen.

​​Our system sets the two previous canvas to music and it addresses the most important questions for all ongoing businesses:

  1. How to keep growing in our disruptive world?

  2. How to pilot sustainable growth?

  3. How to be "responsive to change"?

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Make your strategy happen.

Many organizations commit time and money to formulate great strategies, they often fail to turn ambition into reality. Why?

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